Heavy and Tractor Trailer Driver

Heavy and tractor trailer truck drivers transport goods from one location to another. Most of them are long-haul drivers whose trucks can carry more than 26,000 pounds. These drivers deliver goods between cities and sometimes between states.

Heavy and Tractor Trailer Driver

Average Hourly Earnings



Post-secondary non-degree award


  • Drive long distances
  • Report to a dispatcher any incidents encountered on the road
  • Follow all applicable traffic laws
  • Inspect their trailer before and after the trip, and record any defects they find
  • Keep a log of their activities
  • Report serious mechanical problems to the appropriate personnel
  • Keep their truck and associated equipment clean and in good working order
  • Secure cargo for transport, using ropes, blocks, chain, binders, or covers

Work Environment

Long-haul truck driving is a major lifestyle choice because these drivers can be away from home for days or weeks at a time. They spend much of this time alone. Truck driving can be a physically demanding job too. Driving for many hours in a row can be tiring, and some drivers must load and unload cargo. Drivers may not work more than 14 straight hours with no more than 11 hours of that time spent driving. Between working periods, drivers must have at least 10 hours off duty. Truck drivers often work nights, weekends, and holidays.

Key Traits

Realistic. Often involves work activities that includes practical, hands-on problems and solutions. Usually include working with actual materials – many times in an outdoor setting